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Wrangling your little one and fighting over the need to brush their hair with them upset over the knots that will cause pain....

Brushing your hair out after washing it and dealing with all the tangles.....

Dreading the windows down because of the tangles it will cause in your (or your childs) hair.....

The list goes on and on and I was super skeptical when someone told me that this type of brush actually works, BUT I hated brushing the knots out of my hair enough that I decided to try it a few years ago and YES - The Knot Genie actually does gently untangle the hair instead of just pulling it out of your head.  😂And because of this lack of stress, the hair's cuticle stays unharmed!

I love mine and highly recommend it to everyone, but especially for those that have little ones that hate having their hair brushed. Game changer!

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