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Diaper Rashes

I might be late to the party on this one, but my son had a little tiny red spot on his bum that I just could NOT get to go away with anything.

I typically love Honest Company diaper rash cream and it's my go-to for overnight protection but this little red spot was just crazy stubborn and I knew it wasn't a yeast rash.

My sister told me about Triple Paste after using it for her little one and after one application on my son, that little spot was already better and the second application it was GONE!

Honest Co's will still be my go-to for normal protection, but for anything stubborn like my son had, you can't beat this Triple Paste. If you have a little one that has a stubborn diaper rash (that isn't a yeast rash) definitely give it a try! Also, Target is where I found it to be the best priced, I did check Amazon but you had to buy several tubes at a time or a humongous tub of it and either way it ended up being around $30 whereas at Target you can purchase this tube for about $10.

Also, while I am not a fan of credit cards (especially store cards) I do use Target's Red Card because I save 5% on each purchase and when you're buying diapers and everything the savings truly do add up!



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