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When I was putting together my baby shower registry I pretty much stuck to everything I knew without a doubt I would need and was affordable. The one thing I didn't put on there though that one wise mom knew I'd need was a Nose Frida (the snotsucker) and I had never even heard of it until the moment I unwrapped it!

This little handy thing has gotten an incredible amount of use and I honestly don't know what I would have done without it. 

My son got his first cold at 7 weeks old (before he knew how to breathe through his mouth) and as a new mom, I was a nervous wreck. I used Little Remedies Saline and the Nose Frida and then sat in the bathroom with the warm shower running trying to do anything to help clear his little sinuses out. After coming out of the warm bathroom I would use the Nose Frida one additional time before bed and that's what made his first cold a little more bearable. Fast forward 14 months later, he got his second cold and that Nose Frida and Little Remedies Saline is still my go-to!

And just in case it's crossing your mind, no, boogers can't get into your mouth from it! There is a visible filter in place to prevent that from happening and if the filter ever comes out, you will see it so there will never be an "oops" that was boogers in my mouth moment. 

I'm in the process of putting together a list of my baby must-haves for y'all, but with cold season upon us and flu season around the corner, I'm hoping this help some other Momma's and little ones out there! 



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