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I think waiting for Christmas is going to forever me harder on me than it will be my son, I have already given him one of his presents and was SO tempted to give him this one today 😂

Seriously though, he'll be 18 months old in a couple of days and while he's all over the place climbing and exploring, each time we go to my sisters house, he is all about my nieces and nephews little flip open sofas which fold out like a bed. So when it came to making a Christmas shopping list one of these sofas was top on the list and I can't wait to give it to him!

They have several different ones like Frozen, Paw Patrol, Fire Trucks,  Elmo, Lion King, Toy Story and more.

They are seriously super cute and cushy!!

Another one he is going to be super excited about is this Little Tikes Tough Workshop! This one I ordered over a month ago from Walmart after my husband was installing some locks and all Isaac wanted to do was help use the screw driver and anything else daddy had - I can't wait to see him with it  :) It is still on sale for $24.99 too. 

We (I) might be asking for it with this next one, but I figure it has a handle and while he does seem to be a bit of a dare devil, I'm hoping he uses it *fingers crossed!* I also thought it would be perfect though considering he was trying to learn how to jump the other day - one of the cutest things ever! I chose the Skywalker Trampoline because I noticed on several of the other toddler trampolines, the legs angled out away from the base and I just knew that was going to become a tripping hazard and Ido my best to avoid those. This trampoline is usually $74.99 but on sale right now for $39.98 

We did get him a couple of smaller items and a bit more educational such as this Melissa and Doug Latches Board and Name Puzzle from Fat Brain Toys. The latch board says that it's best for ages 3 - 5 and while it might be a bit advanced I don't think it will be for long considering he's already figured out my "child proof" latches in my kitchen 😮 The name puzzle I think will be great for teaching him to recognize his name written and learning the letters and how to spell it. 

If you found some great finds this year too, feel free to share!



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