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When I was younger my family went and picked out our tree, hauled it home, Mom and Dad set it up in the base so it wasn't leaning more one way that the other. I remember one year they even used a coffee can as a base because we didn't have anything else. Then they strung the lights and us kids hung all the ornaments. Christmas is about family and making memories and we created some great ones that I'm so incredibly thankful for. 

I give my parents a lot of credit for everything they did for us kids and Christmas.

However, that's not how my husband and I do Christmas, we are creating memories doing other holiday things. I love this time of year especially now that I have a little one, but I don't love the "process". So our tree comes apart in three pieces (yup just three, not even the branches are their own "snap in" pieces) and sets up in less than 5 minutes. 

This thing is amazing. Seriously. You put the bottom piece into the base, the middle piece in and then the top. The branches then all fall into place and there's nothing to snap together, not even the lights.

I bought this tree, my first artificial pre lit tree three years ago, I was pregnant and informed my husband it was being set up as soon as it was delivered, which just to happened to be early November. He didn't dare argue with his pregnant wife so I got to enjoy this tree for almost two months! We are on year three with this tree, the branches are still perfect and I honestly love setting it up and it transforming the house because the process (before and after) doesn't take long at all. 

Another thing about me, I don't like clutter. This includes my Christmas tree. I love a "bare" tree without any ornaments. There is something gorgeous, clean and elegant to me about a beautiful tree with just white lights. I know, I'm definitely in the minority here!! So while this tree has pine cones and branches that are made to look like they've collected some snow, it still has that very elegant and clean look to me. 

My tree is from either Lowes and while they don't carry this exact one any longer, I did find a very similar one and it's less than $200! 

Anyone else love an "undecorated" tree like me?

~ Ami

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