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I know the chemicals and fragrance which are in so many products are really bad for our bodies so in my home I have eliminated almost all of them, but we have sensitive skin so finding alternatives that our skin was happy with was extremely important. 

Ever since my son was born I've been using unscented Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash followed by their unscented lotion which has worked extremely well for us. Last winter my son did get a couple of dry patches on his legs but I just moisturized them at each diaper change and they cleared up pretty quickly.  It does a great job on his hair too and my son never had any cradle cap.

During my pregnancy I also switched to Honest Companys lavender shampoo and body wash as well as the lavender lotion. While I don't like the wash for my hair, I love it for my body and for shaving and whether it's genetics, hydration, the lotion or whatever,  I used the lotion all over my belly throughout my pregnancy every single day and I didn't end up with a single stretch mark! I personally feel hydration and the lotion played a big part (certainly not genetics because everyone else in my family ended up with stretch marks!).

Also,  while my son and I tend to get hives if we're not careful about what we use on our skin,  my husband tends to get extremely dry skin so he uses either the Honest Company unscented or Lavender shampoo and body wash (he doesn't like it for his hair either), it's really great having one brand that works for all of us considering we don't all have the same issues.  

Definitely recommend especially if anyone in your family has sensitive skin and they have a new line for eczema care too! 



P.S. Right now Honest is offering 15% off their subscription service (bundles are gone with the exception of diapers and wipes so you can order just one product and still save 15%), they do charge a small fee for shipping however, the discount they are offering  makes it cheaper than purchasing the products from Target! Plus you can easily cancel your subscription right online any time. 

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