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Bijou Baby Wrap Review/Comparison

I stumbled upon Bijou's wraps purely by mistake. I was searching a babywearing buy, sell and trade group when I saw a post for a Bijou Arcadia Hippo and I thought the pattern of it was gorgeous. I knew nothing about the weave, the material.....nothing and I bought it anyway 😂 I fell in love with this wrap. I had no idea that something to soft and "cush" existed in the world of babywearing. The only downside was it was a couple of sizes too long, I was still able to make it work, but I knew a smaller size would be ideal for wrapping when we were out and about and most of the time we're out, I'm wrapping while sitting in my van so my little one isn't in the cold before being bundled up. I ended up selling my Arcadia Hippo size 7 and missed it IMMEDIATELY. It's the only wrap I've ever sold that I regretted (and I've bought and sold many wraps. Lol) and so I started searching for another in a smaller size. It took too long, over a month, for me to find another but I finally found one and this one is in a gorgeous sage color which to me looks like a cream and mint green woven together. It's beautiful.

In my searches for a new Arcadia, spoke with the owner of Bijou, Jaime who offered not only to make me a new Arcadia, but also to send me a Cranberry Waves wrap to try and below is my review/comparison of the two 😊

Arcadia Sage:

This wrap is amazing in so many ways. It's super soft and cushy on your shoulders which means it doesn't dig in, it doesn't pull......it makes my 21 pound toddler feel weightless and I still carry him on my front the majority of the time. In addition to the cushy softness, I find that it has a lot of grip. The Arcadia is a thicker wrap so it's large in hand and doesn't fold up very small, but it's so warm and comfy and because of it's grip, it is a perfect wrap to tie off using using a double loop instead of a knot. By doing a double loop you also avoid a very large knot which you will get when using a thicker wrap. This is the one wrap that my son seems to really like being in. He will fall asleep tucked up in it without a problem and I tend to wonder if it's just because it's so snuggly, warm and soft. Another thing I love about the Arcadia is how soft it is brand new. My original Arcadia Hippo was brand new because the Momma I purchased it from didn't use it and it was just as soft as my new Arcadia Sage. Wraps usually take awhile to break in and gain softness before they become anywhere near as nice as the Arcadia.

Just be aware with the Arcadia, I have found that it's easier to get pulls because one of the ways it achieves this cushy softness is with a looser double weave. It's the only wrap I've ever gotten a pull in and I was able to work it back in, but just be aware that you might want to baby this one a bit more. Completely worth it though!

Cranberry Waves:

I was super excited to try out this wrap and while it's difficult to say how soft it may become since this one has not been fully broken in, I will say that it was considerably softer than some other brands I've had that weren't broken in so I imagine fully broken in, it will be amazing. It is a tighter weave which means pulls will most likely not happen very easily and has quite a bit of grip too. I would consider this to be more of a medium weight, it's not nearly as thick in hand as the Arcadia, but it's also not a thin wrap so if you're looking for something in between this is a great option!

One thing I did notice between the two was the difference in the width.

Here is an example of them laying one on top of the other with the side seams matched up.

I don't believe the Cranberry Waves has ever been washed (I could be wrong though, as there was another Momma using it for a couple of months before it was sent to me) and my Arcadia I washed when I received it, I didn't put it in the dryer though. The width difference hasn't affected us at all, I'm still able to do every type of carry we've tried just as effectively in both.

Overall, my Arcadia is still my favorite and my go-to but if you're not a fan of thick wraps or you want something that will fold up a bit smaller to tuck into a diaper bag, Cranberry Waves it a great option and would be fantastic for a beginner too.

Hope this helps any Momma's looking to start wrapping or just searching for a wrap to fall in love with.



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