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Every time my son and I are out in public I am always asked what I am using to carry him in. 

I babywear all the time. I definitely babywear any time we go out in public (I've always preferred to keep my baby closer to me and further away from prying eyes and inconsiderate hands) I'm usually babywearing anytime we go for walks and I even babywear around the house. There are many days when my son just wants to be held and be close,  but there are still things that I have to get done. 

Babywearing is only convenient if it's easy and quick to do so the Baby K'tan first off is extremely easy to use.  It's literally a process of slipping it over your head, sliding each arm through a loop and then slipping your baby in. There are no long pieces of fabric to drag on the ground, there is nothing to tie and there isn't multiple wraps of fabric which can make you and the baby hotter. The one thing I never thought of when I first heard of babywearing was that having something around your waist can be really difficult in a lot of situations. For example, if you are out shopping and you have to use the bathroom, having something around your waist can make it very tough to get to the button of your pants or your zipper.... things like that. Also every time I would squat down and then stand up (which I am doing constantly when I'm doing housework and babywearing) the carrier with a waist strap would slide up from my hips and I could never get it back head down into the correct position until I took my son out and then would have to put him back in. So I'd end up dealing with the waist strap digging into my sides and lower back. That wasn't convenient or comfortable.

One of my concerns with the Baby K'tan initially was the fact that there isn't anything around your waist and I had always heard previously that you needed to have a waist strap to help distribute the weight evenly and take the pressure off your back. I have previously hurt my back so I am very careful with it and back pain is the absolute WORST, but I have found that so far using the Baby K'tan with my son (who is just over 20 pounds at this point and a year old), I don't have any back pain. So to date, that concern has not been a problem for me at all. The other thing I really like about it is with warmer weather it's not as hot. Granted any time you babywear it's going to be warmer then if the baby's not directly against you, but there are things that you can do to make it a little cooler.  The Baby K'tan I use is made of fabric that can breathe and is so much lighter than cotton. I know everybody says cotton is the best as far as being cool, but I have owned several baby carriers made out of cotton and they are so much hotter than my Baby K'tan. This one is not only meant to breathe, it's meant to wick the moisture away and protect the baby from the sun.

This carrier goes up to 35 pounds and it's really nice to have the option of using it as a front carry facing in, front carry facing out and hip carry. 

More times than not, I use it as front carry facing in and that is because with my son facing out he can easily grab things and when I'm out shopping or doing housework, it can make it tough. I do sometimes use it as a hip carry, but even when he was half this size and I hip carried, I always found that my shoulder and arm would start to hurt after 15 minutes or so. I also don't like not having the use of one arm in the hip carry position. But it is nice to have the option at times! Front facing in gives my son the closeness he needs and if he falls asleep I can easily tuck his head in to give extra support and comfort so it's my go-to.

Finally, the Baby K'Tan is much more "minimal" with so many other carriers I felt so bulky wearing them. The Baby K'Tan is like you're not wearing anything other than your baby and I even wear jackets over us if it's a cooler day.

They do make a few types which are made out of different fabric. I use the Baby K'Tan Active but if you're in an environment where you might want more warmth and aren't concerned with keeping cooler, check out the Baby K'Tan Original!

One of the most important things is not only babies correct positioning for hip health, but also that your baby is comfortable and enjoys it! If you have any questions on babywearing, I'm happy to help!!

*****September update******* This carrier worked for us until my son was about a year old. At that point he started becoming more inquisitive and twisting and leaning back and the KTan doesn't provide adequate support for that.  Great carrier for younger babies though and I'll be hanging on to it for our 2nd 


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