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Carpal tunnel, sciatica, pain/inflammation, teething....acne??

When I first heard of an amber teething necklace, it was actually from my sister who was wearing one around her ankle and was inpressed with how it seemed to reduce pain. She then purchased one for my mom and after a few days of my mom wearing it, she realized she had not needed to take ibuprofen for sciatica pain. My interest was piqued, but my husband was skeptical that maybe it was just a placebo effect.

When my son was born, within about a month I started with severe carpal tunnel in both wrists. Not only was I suffering with numbness and pain that would wake me up at night, but pain all day to the point that it was excruciating at times to pick my baby up and even just to hold a pen at the correct angle to write. Forget my workouts since that required planks and all types of body weight floor moves. Opening jars and cans.....almost impossible. I went to an Ortho Ugent Care who prescribed wrist braces. Taking care of a newborn with wrist braces on is not easy or fun and I found without being able to move my wrists, the pain seemed to actually intensify.

At about three months old, my son started full blown teething. Drooling to the point I had to put bibs on him to keep his clothes dry and he was super cranky. I immediately bought amber for him from a local store, however putting a necklace on him made me super nervous so I decided to purchase a small enough size that could be worn around his ankle. I saw no improvement. I then learned there are several places that sell amber as being authentic when it's not and one way to tell, is by placing it in a jar of salt water. His immediately sank to the bottom. It was fake.

So I went online and purchased another for him and the first thing I did was the water test - look at the difference!

And even better, within four hours of placing the authentic one on him, his crankiness subsided and his drooling almost completely stopped - no more bibs. I was so happy and confident this was not a placebo effect.

Here is a photo of the real one and fake one in the same glass:

So I purchased one for me hoping it might help with my carpal tunnel. Initially, I wore it around my ankle and I felt a little bit of relief, but not much. Then I read about how it should be worn close to the site of pain for quickest relief as it can take a little bit for the succinic acid (ingredient in amber that reduces pain and inflammation) to be absorbed enough into your blood stream to provide relief. So I placed a "necklace" around both of my wrists. Two days later.....my left wrist (less severe of the two) no longer had any pain or numbness and my right one, which was more severe, no longer experienced any numbness and only a little bit of pain at certain angles. I was able to pick up my son, write, use a can opener, start my loved workouts again - all without pain! Four months later, both wrists are completely pain free.

After a couple of months I also noticed my acne had gone away. I had a little bit of acne before getting pregnant, none while pregnant, but once I had my son it started making a come back. I honestly didn't even consider it might be the amber until I took it off one day and left it off for about a week. My face started breaking out and that's when it clicked. I put my amber back on (this time as a necklace) and my acne cleared up again.

Here is my sons amber (one real and one fake) as well as mine.

You'll see there is a difference in color. When I first purchased his multi-color one, I didn't realize that the colors actually make a difference! The lighter the color, the higher concentrated the succinic acid is. They should all be just as effective, but the lighter colors tend to work a bit quicker. Now his multi-color one just happens to be a fake, but there is real amber that look exactly like this in color.

Just like with any pain medication or regimen, it doesn't work for every one, but for me with it being so affordable I was willing to give it a try for my son and myself knowing that even if it didn't work it didn't cost much. I am so glad I did too!

These links are for amber from reputable companys- no fakes!



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