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We're doubling up on the amber to help with the drool and pain from these four molars my baby is cutting all at once 😯

I'm a huge fan of Amber after putting it on my sons ankle when he first started cutting teeth. I saw a huge decrease in the drool and fussiness within four hours of having it on. I then decided to put a bracelet on myself to see what would happen and the pain I was having from carpal tunnel went away. I continued to wear it for several months and it seems to have resolved as I haven't had to put it back on for quite awhile now!

The recommendation is typically to wear amber close to the source of pain which is why necklaces are sold a lot for little ones teething. I personally don't like the idea of putting a necklace on my baby, so I always put it on his ankle and typically he leaves it alone after just a few minutes. I do leave them on at night because he wears footed pajamas to bed so he isn't able to play with them during the night. If your little one doesn't wear footed jammies it might be a good idea to remove them prior to napping or going to bed at night.

I also usually only put one on him, but since they're further away from the source of pain, I put two on hoping for quicker relief.

One thing to look for when purchasing amber is that it is knotted in between each piece so if it were to break only one would come off. It's also very important to purchase from a reputable company because there is a lot of fake amber being sold. It should come with a certificate of authenticity but you can also check it yourself by placing it in salt water. Fake amber will sink right to the bottom but real amber will float a little!! 

I highly recommend Baltic Secret on Amazon. They have different color options as well as raw, unpolished amber and their anklets are knotted and have a twist clasp for safety. The lighter the amber, as well as it being unpolished, typically will provide faster relief but over time any color will provide the same level of pain relief.

❤❤❤ Ami

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