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A Quick Kitchen Counter Makeover For Under $100

How my countertops went from old and yellowed to a pretty gray marbled in four and a half hours and under $100.

I have always loved the look of gray and white marble counter tops and then looked at my

old, yellowed kitchen counters and wondered what I could do about them. They have bothered me ever since buying this house, however this isn't a home that we want to stay in forever and it isn't a house that will gain much value by replacing the counters with pricey marble. That is ultimately what I would like in my 'forever house' but from a cost and value perspective, it just doesn't make sense in this home.

(Don't worry, the cabinet makeover starts today! :) )

My sister mentioned contact paper to cover the counters so I did a bunch of research and while I liked the idea of it, I read that you have to be very careful because it can tear and stain easily. I did order a roll of granite looking contact paper from Target to make sure I would like the look of it and found exactly what I had seen in my research. My fingernails scratched it in two places and caused it to tear, a can of tomato

sauce left sitting for 30 minutes stained a red ring on it and cutting up carrots left an unattractive orange tinge anywhere grated carrot touched the paper.

However, I loved the look!

So I continued looking.

I found the Very Berry Sticker store ( which sells vinyl covers versus thin paper covering like you get with traditional contact paper. The vinyl is super thick, water resistant and has a high gloss which makes it look more like a marble countertop. I ordered four rolls of the Grey White Granite Look Marble Effect option they have and got to work right away.

I will say, you will need a lot of patience for this as well as an X-Acto knife, scissors and hair dryer. It was so much more difficult to apply because of how thick it is, but it was most definitely worth it. It took me about four and a half hours to complete my counters.


If you have any rounded corners or unfinished sections like underneath the counters, utilize the hair dryer. I have a peninsula counter with a rounded edge and heating the vinyl up as I stretched it over the edge allowed me to adhere it without any creases. Also, if you do end up with any bubbles, don't stress. Use the tip of your X-Acto knife to puncture just a tiny little hole in the bubble and then use the hair dryer to heat it up again which appears to then seal the hole and eliminate the bubble. I did this in four different places and tried to find them again to take photos, but I can't find them anymore.

Appliances sitting on your counter:

I have a Nuwave Air Fryer that sits on my counter and there's enough of a gap at the bottom that it doesn't seem to effect the vinyl at all, however the bottom of my Cuisinart coffee pot gets extremely warm so I placed a towel underneath it for protection for now until I can find something I'd prefer to have there.

Overall, I'm super happy with the finished product and it makes my kitchen so much brighter!

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