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A Quick Fix For Staying Safe During Grocery Pick Up

Stay six feet away.....wait that might not be enough, try for 27 feet away......wear a mask if social distancing can't be adhered to.....sanitize your hands immediately......wash your hands at the soonest possible chance.......what about our kids? Our little ones?

Long before this pandemic I utilized grocery pick up for a couple of reasons, but this Coronavirus has also caused me to think about a lot of little things.

Like my son being in the back of the car while I pick up groceries.


Just bear with me......

It was a month ago now that social distancing practices were put into place and it was announced that this virus may be able to hang in the air for up to two hours and six feet of social distancing may not be enough, that it might be able to spread up to 27 feet.

Okay, so I can open the back of my van before anyone comes out with the groceries, signing for the order has been suspended so I don't have to touch anything, once the groceries are loaded they close the door and I drive off.

But what about my child? My 22 month old who there is no way I'll be able to keep a mask on? Besides, apparently the mask only prevents someone who is currently sick from spreading it and I want something to prevent my son from catching it in the first place.

That person loading the back of my van with groceries is closer to him than 6 feet and my little one is still rear facing so they are essentially face to face. What if that person loading my groceries were to sneeze/cough in the back of my car? What if those droplets (that you can't see but you know are leaving their mouth) are spread while they're talking?

Some might think this is irrational, but I feel like I need to take the same precautions with my child that I take myself and I want my husband to take.

So this is my quick and easy solution!

****Please note: I DID NOT drive like this. I placed this blanket after pulling into the parking spot and before anyone came out with the groceries. Once they were finished loading everything I removed it before driving off.****

This blanket is just one of the thick picnic blankets that is doubled sided with some padding in between and it zips into itself. I keep two in the car and they've come in handy so many times, plus they wash really well.

Just in case anyone else thinks like I do and might benefit from my "solution".

~ Ami

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