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A Natural Deodorant That Works During This Heat Without Irritation

I'd never experienced irritation from a deodorant until I switched to natural ones. Some of them make me break out in little itchy bumps which then start to hurt, and forget shaving when that happens!

I'd heard and read that baking soda can cause some people irritation and found that quite a few companies have started making a "sensitive" line without baking soda, but some of these still caused the same reaction for me so I knew it couldn't be the baking soda.

Either way I was on the hunt for a natural deodorant that could handle my sweaty work outs as well as my long walks carrying a 23 pound toddler in 90 degree weather with 70% humidity. Yeah - lots of sweat, haha!

I'm happy to say this Lavender + Sage deodorant from Schmidt's has stood up to that sweat and stink very impressively! I like it enough that I just finished my first stick and bought another of the same exact one. It isn't baking soda free, but I have zero irritation with it.

Side note, if your Target offers drive up totally take advantage of it! I haven't stepped foot in a grocery store since COVID began and being able to drive up to Target for something like a single deodorant and box of baby wipes (yes, that was my exact order yesterday) without having to hit a minimum dollar amount, is extremely nice.



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